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Model for Fertilizer Regulation in North America


Each State in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada has its own fertilizer regulatory program. The Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) strives to gain uniformity among each of these entities without compromising the needs of the consumers, protection of the environment or fair competition among the industry. watering


AAPFCO is an organization of fertilizer control officials from each state in the United States, from Canada and from Puerto Rico who are actively engaged in the administration of fertilizer laws and regulations; and, research workers employed by these governments who are engaged in any investigation concerning mixed fertilizers, fertilizer materials, their effect, and/or their component parts. crops


The association's purpose is to achieve uniformity consensus by providing a forum through which members may unite to:
  • Promote uniform and effective legislation - definitions, rulings and enforcement practices;
  • Encourage and sponsor the adoption of the most effective and adequate sampling and analytical methods for fertilizer;
  • Develop high standards of fertilizer inspection techniques and enforcement practices;
  • Promote adequate labeling and safe use of fertilizers;
  • Provide facilities and opportunities for the free exchange of information, discussion and cooperative study of problems confronting members of the Association; and
  • Cooperate with members of the industry to promote the safe and effective use of fertilizers and protection of soil and water resources.

The Fertilizer Plant Best Management Practices (BMP) Audit and Security Checklist, a quick guide for evaluating fertilizer plant basics: storage, product handling, equipment, blending and security.

Download the Fertilizer Plant BMP Audit & Security Checklist (pdf format, 18 pages, 50 kb)

View State BMPs (Best Management Practices)

Download the AAPFCO Operations Manual (pdf format, 20 pages, 358 KB)

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