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2020 AAPFCO Presentations

Presentations for our Annual Meetings can be found in our AAPFCO Online website. You must have a valid subscription to access these. The subscription order form can be found here. Once your subscription is active, presentations can be found in the Library folder on the left-hand side of the page.
2020 Methods Forum XIX:


Previous Presentations

2019 Summer Annual:
Environmental Affairs:
Industry Regulatory Council:
Lab Services:
Slow Release:
Terms & Definitions
Uniform Bills:

2019 Winter Annual:

2019 Methods Forum:


Defining, Analyzing and Characterizing Bio-Stimulants:

Micro & Trace Metals - Extracting "Total" and "Soluble" Micronutrients:

ICP Configuration, Method Development and Purchasing an ICP:

Good Sampling, Sample Prep. and Test Portions:

Extra Presentation:


2018 Fertilizer Administrator's Seminar

2018 Summer Annual Meeting
Environmental Affairs:
Lab Services:
Slow Release:
Voting Topics:
Industry Regulatory:

2018 Winter Annual Meeting

Board Items:


Education and Information:

Environmental Affairs:

Lab Services:


2018 Methods Forum:

2017 Annual Summer Meeting
Lab Services:
Environmental Affairs:
General Presentations:

2017 Annual Winter Meeting
General Presentations:
Environmental Affairs:
Lab Services:

2017 Methods Forum:

2016 Annual Summer Meeting (Pittsburgh, PA)
Control Official Presentations:
Education and Information:
Environmental Affairs:

Lab Services:

Slow Release Fertilizer:

Terms & Definitions:

Uniform Bills:

Uniform Reports:

Industry Regulatory Presentations:

Methods Forum XV (Albuquerque, NM)

Mid-Winter Meeting (Albuquerque, NM)
Model Documents Group - Uniform Bills:

Laboratory Group - Slow Release Committee:

Laboratory Group - Laboratory Services:

Laboratory Group - Magruder:

Laboratory Group - Magruder Charts:

Communications Group - BMP & Plant Security:

2015 Fertilizer Administrator Seminar (Nashville, TN)

2015 Annual Meeting (Denver, CO)

Best Management Practices Committee:
Security Subcommittee - Security Briefing - Deborah L. Allen (pdf, 596kb)
Education & Information Committee:
Rookies Guide to AAPFCO Meetings (pdf, 484kb)
Environmental Affairs Committee:
Phosphorus Restriction Work Group Notes (pdf, 538kb)
Microbial Results Presentations (pdf, 435kb)
Laboratory Services Committee:
Challenges with Chelated and/or Complexed Minerals - Patty Lucas (pdf, 495kb)
Water Soluble Fertilizer Sample Preparation Comparison - Keith Wegner (pdf, 924kb)
Microbial Results Presentations (pdf, 435kb)
Magruder Committee:
Update on Magruder Transition (pdf, 338kb)
Magruder Statistics & Data Analysis
(pdf, 1.12mb)
Slow Release Fertilizer Committee:
How to Increase Delivery Efficiency of Nutrients Using an Unused Valuable Space in Fertilizers - David Hernandez (pdf, 788kb)
Uniform Bills Committee:
Label Inconsistency Workgroup (pdf, 141kb)
Additional Information Included with Grade (pdf, 7kb)
Silicon Guarantee (pdf, 66kb)
Soil Amendment Guarantees (pdf, 142kb)
Uniform Reports, Model Documents:
Paperless Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting Initiative - Melinda Sposari (pdf, 217kb)
Paperless Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting Guide
- Lila Brown (pdf, 1.12mb)
UFTRS & uDeal Program Updates
- Jon Nevins (pdf, 656kb)
Industry Regulatory Council:
Increased Nutrient Use Efficiency - R. G. Hoeft (pdf, 2.32mb)
ResponsibleAg Activity Overview - Ford B. West (pdf, 834kb)
Biostimulant Research in Turfgrass: Fertilizer or Other?
- Erik H. Ervin (pdf, 2.54mb) Biostimulants, Beneficial Substances & Plant Regulators: An EPA Perspective - Russell S. Jones (pdf, 671kb)

2015 Annual Winter Meeting (Jacksonville, FL)
Communications Group
Rookie's Guide to AAPFCO Meetings (pdf, 485kb)
Survey of 2014 Annual Meeting (pdf, 355kb)
OSHA Guidance Memo Regarding Ammonium Nitrate Storage Requirements (pdf, 514kb) Security Subcommittee - Security Briefing (pdf, 1,224kb)
Environmental Affairs Committee
What are Mycorrhizal Fungi? - Dr. Mike Amaranthus (pdf, 26.11 MB)
Laboratory Group

ISO TC-134 (Standard Development Process) (pdf, 334kb)
Referee Lab Survey Results (pdf, 5,030kb)
Laboratory Method Validation Criteria for AAPFCO (draft) (pdf, 241kb)
Sample Prep Water Soluble Fertilizers (pdf, 929kb)
Model Documents Group

SUIP 33 - GHS Labeling (pdf, 314kb)
Are Statewide Specialty Fertilizer Phosphorus Restrictions Efficacious? (pdf, 1,201kb)
Uniform Reports
ALSTAR AAPFCO Meeting (pdf, 3.75mb)
AAPFCO - PFTR Presentation (pdf, 1.36mb)
2015 Method Forum XIV (Jacksonville, FL)

2014 Annual Meeting (Sacramento, CA)

2013 Annual Meeting (St. Petersburg, FL)

2013 Midyear Meeting (New Orleans, LA)