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SUIP #25 Calculator

Kerry Cooner of Agrium developed an Excel Program to calculate the metal levels allowed in a fertilizer under the guidelines of SUIP 25. View SUIP #25.

You can use it on-line, or download it to your computer. It is simple to use. Be sure to "clear" all guarantees before using and be sure you enter ALL guarantees for both primary and micro nutrients for the fertilizer in question. If asked whether to enable macros or not choose "Enable Macros".

Download the program (xls) - Updated 8/19/14.

There have been a few users who have reported that they cannot download the program. In those cases they have been able to use it on-line without a functioning "clear" button. Be sure to delete any unwanted guarantees. You must delete the unwanted guarantees manually.

For questions about its use, please contact Joe Slater at: slaterj@missouri.edu.