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Pending Terms & Definitions Information

Documentation for proposed terms and definitions are below. The documents are provided to support new terms and definition consideration within the Terms and Definitions Committee meetings. For an official list of official Terms and Definitions, please purchase the most up-to-date Official Publication of AAPFCO.


Cannabinoid Extracts:

Water Extractable Phosphorus:

Seabird Guano:

Maleic-Itaconic Copolymers:

Corn Steep Liquor

Kelp and Seaweed

T-99 Humic Substances (Fulvic Acid & Humic Acid)

Organic Carbon

L-argininium phosphite

Polyaspartic Acid

Ammoniated Calcium Nitrate & Carbonaceous Ammonium Nitrate:
Maleic-Itaconic Copolymers:

Download:  Blank Submission Request Form (pdf, 44kb)